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Default Factory Remote Start?

I just bought a used 2001 windstar and it came with the 2 pats keys and no fobs which i thought i'll just order them off e-bay, well i was checking under the hood and noticed a yellow sticker that says "This vehicle is equipped with a remote starter please disconnect the red wire or disconnect the battery before performing any work on the engine" sticker. Then when i started looking around the van i noticed what looked like a transmitter attached to the inside of the windshield (little black box with 2 antenna's coming out of it) what i would like to know is where i go to make sure that i can get a transmitter programmed or how to tell what it this thing is. if it's remote start great but just a transmitter for whatever doesn't wash with me is there somewhere specific that they would have mounted the brain for the remote start?

I am only asking here as there seems to be a lot of ford techs here.
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I highly doubt that it is a factory remote starter. Most likely a aftermarket unit installed. Usually installed lower left of dash behind knee panel. Easiest way to find it would be to drop the panel and follow that antenna wire and it will lead you to the unit. The unit will also have a pats bypass on it to let the vehicle start without the chip key in the barrel. Once you locate the r.s. unit, take down the model number and brand and call around to some different shops to see what some replacement remotes run.
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