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lol i know i should have... but whats done is done =) Now i know for future what not to get for a DD street car lol. I didnt think it was going to be as noisy as it was!

Squamish, i PM'd you details.
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Originally Posted by JPD686 View Post
Well... i installed these control arms, drove em around for a day, and pulled them out the next.

They make too much noise for me, there was clunking (was expected, but it was too harsh for me, didnt think it was going to be that bad) and a little bit of whine that was driving me nuts... pulled em out and re-checked length, re torqued bolts.... length was bang on & bolts were not loose... still made the sounds... so i pulled em out & put the factory ones back in.... sounds gone... I noticed the traction was deffinatly better with the UPR series, & the wheel hop "Seemed" like it had disappeared... but the enhanced noise is not worth the wheel hop reduction. Guess ill try the relocation brackets with the stock arms and move them down 1 notch and see how that goes as far as wheel hop reduction.

I'm ready to pull mine out as well, I'm using Wolfe racecraft ones and are exactly the same. Those ends do not look like they are sealed, they spin lateraly much too freely. I've used the maximum Motorsport and edelbrock LCAs with sealed spherical ends which are tight and dead quiet. The upr/dand/Wolfe arms are probably made off shore and by the lowest bidder. I'm going to look into a set of racecraft inc. ones, they use FK rod ends and made in the US
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